Sunday, August 29, 2010


I have reached the halfway point on my San Antonio journey. 2 weeks down! 2 weeks to go! I learned a lot working in the clinic these past two weeks. I saw a number of different things, got a lot of experience with sport's physicals and hopefully made a good impression. I learned a lot, but most importantly realized that I love working in the pediatric clinic as much as I remembered from last year. Now it's on to the wards - I will be working in the hospital on the pediatric ward for the last 2 weeks. I'll be up before the sun everyday for the next two weeks.

It's not really fair that once the weekend arrives I'm totally commitment free and can do as I please. Not fair because Leisy is stuck at home with two demanding children that won't leave her alone for 2 minutes. Not fair because I don't have children to wake me up at night. It's just not fair. I wish I could fly home every Friday night and give Leisy a reprieve from Motherhood. She is doing a fabulous job and I can't imagine anyone who would do better without a husband for weeks and weeks.

This Saturday I went and saw the world's largest pair of cowboy boots. These puppies are 40 feet tall and 35 feet wide. Their official name is "Giant Justins" and were built in 1970. I was trying to get a good shot with me and the boots, but becuase they are so big I was having a hard time capturing the shot. Some nice people took pity on me, pulled their truck to the curb to jump out and snap this pic. (Leisy would have been mortified!!)

I also went to the McNay Art Museum. It is a beautiful mansion that has been converted into a museum. The grounds are vast and have fountains and all sorts of sculptures. The back of the mansion is an extension of the museum. It has a lot of really cool art including some Monet, Picasso, O'Keeffe and other big names. There is also a lot of funky modern art like the exploded tire below. I loved walking through the house and the inner courtyard. This place also charges $8 a person and might be worth it, but I got in free because I am active duty military!!

Sorry Leisy that I can't jump on a plane and come home on the weekends. It doesn't make it any easier for me to be gone when I get to go do fun things without you. Really this weekend was boring and I would much rather be at home with you!!


  1. Keep up the good work Kent. You will be home soon. What is the statement being away from home makes you more in love with your family. Anyway we love you and miss you and your family. Love Dad

  2. thanks for making a fool of yourself just to get me good pictures. love you.