Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good intentions...

So much for my attempt to keep everyone informed about my clinical experiences!! Things got SO SO busy with the ER rotation. I was working all sorts of crazy hours and trying to study for a ridiculously difficult test. I had no time for anything!!

Family Practice! Much, much better! I was starting to wonder if I had gone into the wrong career, because I was not loving my time in surgery. Thank goodness I am loving Family Practice - there is something about medicine I really do love. I actually get to talk to patients!! (ER was really fun as well, just busy). I have met some great people and have been able to see a lot of different things. I love it so far.

I am, however, realizing that some people take their health about as serious as I have taken to updating this blog - not at all! Some people just expect other people to do the work for them. (I'm glad Leisy keeps up the blog so well!) Some people just want Dr.s to fix them, but aren't willing to actually do anything about it; they don't want to take their medications, don't want to monitor sugar levels or BP, and forget about diet and exercise!! Just fix me doctor!!