Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ladies man

Today was the primary program and I didn't have to work!! I was excited to see Zeb sing all the songs I have been practicing with him. It was really fun to watch him sing his little heart out. Those sunbeams have such a hard time sitting through the entire sacrament meeting up on stage. It is a lot to ask for them to sit up there with no snacks and things to color or play with. They actually set up some risers in front of the podium and put chairs on them for the sunbeams. Zeb was sitting next to his really good friend who has the same last name. They have had a few play dates together and he thinks sharing the same last name is awesome. Half way through the program he reached over and held her hand. They held hands for the rest of the program and Zeb could not stop smiling and giggling. It was so distracting but so funny!! Leisy was trying to get his attention to let go when they started swining their hands up and down. I can't even tell you how many comments we got after the program about Zeb being a little ladies man. It was too funny!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I love fall!

Fall is the best time of year - I absolutely love it! Pumpkin patches, colored leaves, jacket weather, Halloween, my birthday and so much more to look forward to! Despite my ridiculously crazy schedule we have really taken advantage of everything Ohio has to offer this time of year. It makes me very grateful we are not sweating through 85 degree weather in Texas. I just completed my 4th rotation of residency. I have seen some unique pathology: Lupus cerebritis, pyelonephritis causing fever of 107.2 degrees, Kawasaki disease, Crohn's disease, and Trisomy 18. I am also becoming very comfortable treating asthma, bronchiolitis and constipation. I have seen kids with failure to thrive for a multitude of reasons. I've seen children taken away from their parents and I've counseled a lot of crying parents. Life in residency is nuts but it has been amazing and I'm learning so much.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'm a Doctor!!

I am now 3 months into my residency program and loving it! It is everything I expected it to be. It is really hard work, I'm learning a ton, and I love what I'm doing. I've spent most of the time thus far either in the peds clinic or at the hospital on general peds hospital admissions. I've worked nights, I've worked days and feel like my internal alarm clock will never be the same. I've seen lots of babies and kids for well checks and I've taken care of some pretty sick kids with crohn's disease and small bowel obstructions. It has been a long road getting here and I'm still not done, but people now call me Dr. Miller. My white coat has been upgraded from a short waist length student coat to the full length Dr. coat. Here's a picture of me in my coat following up with some lab results:

I really think Pediatrics was the best career decision I have ever made, secondary to joining the Air Force. They both fit my personality very well. I am training with some of the best Pediatricians I have ever met. I can't imagine why people go through medical training outside of the military!! Residency is extremely overwhelming, the hours are long, I feel tired and stressed most of the time - but I like it. Leisy is the most supportive wife in the world. I am extremely lucky to have her helping me. She keeps me sane and always finds amazingly fun things to fill my spare time.