Saturday, October 29, 2011

I love fall!

Fall is the best time of year - I absolutely love it! Pumpkin patches, colored leaves, jacket weather, Halloween, my birthday and so much more to look forward to! Despite my ridiculously crazy schedule we have really taken advantage of everything Ohio has to offer this time of year. It makes me very grateful we are not sweating through 85 degree weather in Texas. I just completed my 4th rotation of residency. I have seen some unique pathology: Lupus cerebritis, pyelonephritis causing fever of 107.2 degrees, Kawasaki disease, Crohn's disease, and Trisomy 18. I am also becoming very comfortable treating asthma, bronchiolitis and constipation. I have seen kids with failure to thrive for a multitude of reasons. I've seen children taken away from their parents and I've counseled a lot of crying parents. Life in residency is nuts but it has been amazing and I'm learning so much.

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  1. Awesome! Tyler's family asked today how you were doing ... and, it's kind of cool to say - well, he's a pediatrician! :)

    I miss you guys so bad when the blog posts are far apart. ;) I'm happy things are going well.