Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A few self portraits

I got a package!! It really feels like I'm on a mission when I get a package full of goodies! Not only that, it took about a week to get here. Who would have thought the mail would take so long to get to me on base. Thank you Mom and Family!! I stuffed myself full of pistachios!!
In my attempt to see as much as San Antonio for free, I paid a visit to the San Antonio Museum of Art. It's a big museum and fairly close to the Alamo. They charge eight dollars to get in ($8?!?!) but Tuesday evenings are FREE!! I would only have to pay $5 with my military discount - but $5 is too much for this museum if you ask me. On the fourth floor they have a walkway that gives a nice panoramic view of San Antonio.
I only have 2 more days of the pediatric clinic. I still really enjoy the clinic. Most people either hate it or love it. I start working on Inpatient Peds at the Army base next week. I have really enjoyed the hospital being 2 minutes from my bedroom. Now I have to catch a 30 minute shuttle to work in the mornings. blech...

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