Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to School!

School starts on Monday for most of the kids around here. That means we did a lot of back to school physicals in the clinic today. They had the whole clinic set up this afternoon with various stations to get things checked off before seeing the doctor. The hallways had footsteps leading to each station (vitals, immunizations, vision screening, etc.) It was really fun to sit and chat with the teens going back to school and find out what sports they were involved in and what they were most looking forward to. It's nice that they give me 30 minutes with every patient! I can actually get them to open up. One 17-year-old after his visit was over said to my attending, "Are there comment cards anywhere, 'cause this guy is da'bomb!" It kind of made my day.

I have the whole weekend off. I hope to explore San Antonio and find some cool stuff to do. I found a site that had a list of all the free things to do while in San Antonio. I may be going to Catholic Mass if time allows!! One week down. I'm sure it felt much longer to Leisy than it did for me. I have stayed busy. Weekends not working away from home make the time drag by. I miss Leisy and my boys!

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