Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dairy Queen

For the final night of my vacation I celebrated by taking the boys out for ice cream.  They were so excited to go out with just me and they LOVE ice cream.  Ike just wanted a big cone and couldn't have been more excited when he got this:

Zeb looked on-line before going to DQ and had his heart set on the Oreo brownie earthquake sundae!  I relented and he was the happiest little boy in the world.  I have really good kids and they need to be spoiled rewarded now and again!


  1. Love those kinds of memories! Looks yummy!

    I really got a kick out of Mr. Zeb researching on line before you went. That's totally something you would do - and, to be honest - I do that quite often too! Haha.

  2. Who knew you can search on line for DQ? Never would have thought of that. Trust Zeb to scope out the best choices before hand. Ike, on the other hand goes for SIZE. That is one big cone!
    Those kids definately need rewarding now and then.