Monday, August 20, 2012

Kitty Cat and other musings

The other day Ike was asking me to get him a kitty cat.  I couldn't figure out why he suddenly wanted a pet so badly.  He was jumping up and down he was so persistently demanding I provide this cat.  I asked Leisy if he had been playing with cats recently or if they had been talking about pets.  She was as confused as I was.
It took me awhile to realize that he was asking for and demanding that I go get him a Kit Kat candy bar!! He is such a sweet tooth it's ridiculous.  I'm not really sure what made him suddenly think of a Kit Kat.  Maybe he was thinking of the week his Grandpa Oswald came to visit.

Zeb is starting school this week! He is so excited he can hardly contain himself.  He is a little smarty pants and will have a blast in school.  He is growing up, always willing to help and be the best big brother ever.  This week Metta was crying in her car seat and Zeb piped up from the back seat, "Mom! I have a solution to this problem - we need Metta's bottle from your purse"!

And little Metta is turning into a full-on little girl.  She will catch my eye from across the room and start to smile to draw me closer.  She giggles and giggles when I play with her - sometimes they sound like courtesy giggles.  She knows if she stops giggling, I'll stop playing.  She is a fast learner and is going to be mobile before we know it.  She already wants to keep up with the boys.


  1. What a great post!
    That picture of Ike is awesome! He is so dang funny. Marissa's favorite candy is the Kit Kat. She'll get a kick outta this Ikey story. :)

    Zeb and his "I've got a solution!":) that kid is a smartie pants!

    Love cute, sweet, girlie Metta!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Your kids are all so cute and so smart. Good luck keeping up with them!