Tuesday, August 28, 2012


1.5 miles, push-ups, sit-ups and waist circumference.  The PT test.  One extra hoop to jump through during residency.  Not only do I have to find time to take the test, I have to find time to train for it.  If I don't pass the test there are some mandatory workouts that I don't have time for!  And any advancements are placed on hold until I do pass.  If you pass you push the next test off for 6 months.  If I get an excellent I push the next test off for an entire year.  

Last year I got an excellent so I didn't have to take the test for another year.  That year came up fast and happened to come up during a rotation when I was working 80-90 hours a week.  The last thing I had time for was working out.  I had to go take my test when I had worked a 28 hour shift - luckily it was slow at work and I had about 6 hours of sleep!  I was able to push the next test off for one more year!

It is nice to have an excuse to stay physically fit enough to complete this annual annoyance.  It's nice that my job cares enough about my physical fitness to make it a priority.  I hope to always be able to run 1.5 miles without dying.  I'm not sure if it gets any easier after residency, but right now it is hard to find time to work out every day.  It's just a part of becoming a doctor I guess.


  1. wow Kent, that's awesome. As I read this I'm thinking - that sounds pretty easy for Kent. I know that you're still fit in spite of the long hours. You and Leisy are good examples. Glad I don't have to pass a yearly fitness test, but then again it would probably be a good thing for many of the staff I work with. :)

  2. Pssshhhhh. I could do that.


    I have faith in you, though. You rock!