Saturday, March 5, 2011

The other day Ike would not be consoled. He was trying desperately to get something in the kitchen and Leisy and I had no idea what he wanted. Leisy insists I'm better at translating Ike's jibber-jabber, but together we couldn't make sense of his words. His words quickly melted into frustrated screaming and tears so I picked him up and had him show me what he was after. He opened the freezer and rummaged in the crowded top shelf until he found one of these:I had no idea we even had any of these left - they were from last summer. When I opened it the thing was covered in ice frost and looked disgusting, but he started laughing through tears and declared "popsicle - Yay!" which sounded NOTHING like "popsicle".

The red, white, and blue reminded me about posting the reasons I joined the military. Maybe my desire to serve the country started from a young age when my parents bought me this:
Does anybody else remember this book and tape?!? I thought of this the other day and how much I loved listening to it. I wish I still had it so I could start indoctrinating Zeb and Ike! I really have tried to find some of these songs online but haven't had much success. Anybody out there have access to these songs?


  1. Holy cow - I don't even remember that book. Is it a Janice Kapp Perry?

    I am super impressed by your patience to help Ike get what he was after. I remember making you kids enunciate your wishes until I could understand it. BOO for me.

  2. Yeah. Mom always found the coolest music/books and stuff for us. My kids are all WAY into "The Safety Kids" ... again ... right now. haha. I vaguely remember those patriotic books/tapes.

    That picture of Ike and the popsicle is so cute!