Thursday, December 2, 2010

Can't say no

I finally finished my crazy 3 month block of Pediatrics. One month in Texas, one in Dayton and one here in Toledo. It was exhausting and I worked some fairly long hours. I did managed to find time for fun on the days I was off. I knew I was going to need a break after those three months and I can't believe that that break is over! My two weeks of "flex" time allowed me to recuperate and get some things in order. However, I got roped into presenting an "interesting case" that I saw earlier this month. The Pt was only on my service for one day and decompensated quickly. He spent 2 days in the PICU (different service) and when I found out I would be presenting his case he was being transferred to the University of Michigan for some intense therapy. He survived (I thought he would die for sure) and now I have been busy trying to pull information from the PICU, Michigan and his Primary Care Provider. I finally pulled it all together this morning (I present tomorrow) and I no longer care how this presentation turns out for several reasons: He never had an actual diagnosis, I'm totally done with the rotation, the presentation will (should) not reflect on my evaluations, and the Military has already convened and my residency fate is already decided!! I should find out in 2 weeks where I will go. Needless to say, this presentation tomorrow should not affect me. It just has taken up a lot of my flex time to put together (grrrr). I need to learn how to say "no" to attendings!! I hope to get a good letter of recommendation from her - I don't need it, but maybe I can keep it in my journal or something.


  1. Yeah. haha. Keep it in your journal! :) That made me chuckle.

    SOMETHING good will come from this. I'll bet one day you look back and say, "oh yeah - I remember this from that presentation I researched and put together." :)

    But - yeah. Be careful not to overwhelm yourself more than what you ALREADY have on your plate!! SHeesh! You're a good man, Kenter. Love ya!

  2. Wish I could be there to hear your presentation - I bet it will be amazing. Just keep it on file in case you need to present at another inconvenient time.