Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Paging Dr. Miller...

My introduction to 3rd year wrapped up today. The orientation consisted of two long days of many presentations by Doctors, Nurses and PhDs explaining various aspects of what will be expected of us as students. I'm really excited to get on the floors and "start touching" patients (as one of the presenters worded it). I'm really nervous about being thrown into the middle of everything and expected to perform. I imagine it will be like jumping out of a moving vehicle and trying to run fast enough not to fall. (I've successfully done this many times but my Dad may remember the time I wasn't so successful at staying upright. Let's hope I don't incur road rash during my surgery rotation!). Topics covered writing orders, working in sterile fields, review of the physical exam, review of generating a working differential diagnosis, dangers of spreading germies (like C-diff) from patient to patient, how to access (and keep private) our patient's electronic records, intro to the radiology department, review of heart murmurs and ECGs, many many many more presentations, and to complete the day a (graphic) video of how to insert a foley catheter.

The orientation was officially over when we recieved our pagers!! Every student was given a pager to carry with us wherever we go. I guess I'm officially on my way to becoming Dr. Miller. At least I will be able to pretend to be Dr. Miller for the next two years.


  1. Wow - Dr. Miller; it has a nice ring to it.

    Amazing that they teach HANDWASHING to doctors. The ones at our facility are responsible for keeping our handwashing percentages below 90. (and probably responsible for a few nosocomial infections)

    I'm really excited to hear about your experiences and hope you won't fall too many times. Love you - good luck.

  2. Um Paging Dr. Miller- you are needed STAT!

    This is a fun blog! I like!

  3. That just all sounds soooooo crazy and stressful. Tyler and I always used to talk about how you would make such a fabulous doctor. And NOW we talk about how the BEST doctors our kids have seen remind us of you! :) Waiting list material ... that's what Dr. Miller means to me! ;)